• [ 28.2.2013 ]
    Racing season 2013 opened
  • [ 30.11.2011 ]
    Greetings from hospital
  • [ 16.11.2011 ]
    New equipment
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    [ 22.12.2009 ] Merry Xmas top
    We wish all visitors peacefull xmas and furious new year !

    [ 9.11.2009 ] Twister is sold top
    Twister has been sold and has left from Finland. I wish the best luck for new owners!

    [ 17.8.2009 ] Förby European champ pics in gallery top
    Förby European championship pics in gallery. Race stories will be done with better time ;o)

    [ 9.8.2009 ] Busy week top
    Powerlift has had a new motor and boat is quite ready to race... only some minor issues to be taken care of ;o))

    Next sat & sun we have European Championship races in Förby, we sure will push as hard as possible!!!

    [ 15.6.2009 ] First race in Finland was... top
    First race in Finland was... super cold & we broke one more fin from gearcase which also killed our 30" 3 blade cleaver.

    Images from Kalkkiranta are added to 2009 gallery, please browse them ;o)

    [ 31.5.2009 ] First test drive in Finland top
    Yesterday we managed to do the first test drive with my navigator Pekka Saurio. Boat worked fine and gps system was flawless ;o)) Great to know exact speed... only few problems were detected, engine was inch too high and we run out of cooling water when speed exceeded 140 km/h and other bigger problem is powerlifts engine. New has been ordered and should arrive next tuesday.

    First race will be saturday, so there is no time to lose!

    [ 15.5.2009 ] New team screwed up world champ races top
    New team new problems.
    All it would have required to be able to race competitively was new alternator. But team decided to open whole engine and couldnt rebuild it, high class professionalism!!! So that means: NO racing this weekend at first world champs, nor any races ever with this team. I start working with my race boat and will enjoy motocross camp this weekend

    [ 12.5.2009 ] Istanbul is calling top
    Here we go.. again. It is so hard to say no, when someone offers boat to race in World Champioships. New team & new boat... well boat is the same that ws raced last year by Jyrki Perokorpi & Jari Saarinen. We shall see how it flies this year.

    New team is allways big challange, especially when its their first year ever in offshore racing... many things to be learned ;o)

    Team that I will race with is Angel Yachts.

    See you folks in Istanbul next weekend, Halic is prepared for racing!

    [ 28.4.2009 ] Calendars updated top
    More races for this summer, we shall see where we will race ;o)

    [ 20.4.2009 ] Offshore is safe... top
    Compared to: http://markjrebilas.com/blog/2008/11/one-driver-learns-that-at-200mph-water-isnt-as-soft-as-it-looks/#more-1642

    That is one huge crash.. scroll to halfway of the page

    [ 8.4.2009 ] New gallery software top
    Finally we had time to update gallery to use latest software version.
    Please enjoy

    [ 3.4.2009 ] Offshore World Championship - Class 3C, new location top
    Offshore World Championship - Class 3C and Class 3S
    The Class 3C World Championship will be run in Nettuno, instead of Trabia
    (Palermo). On the same venue, the Class 3S World Championship title will
    also be run.
    Organising dates remain on 16-20 September 2009.

    [ 10.3.2009 ] Sponsor for 2009 ?? top
    Koho Racing is looking international companies for sponsorship.
    Classes to be raced: 3-C and possibly 3-225 in Turkey.

    If interested please contact us by email and we shall send you info package containing last years media time & estimation for season 2009, with all budgets.

    Koho Racing :: Tel. +358-2-88 00 696 :: Fax +358-2-88 00 699 :: Gsm +358-400-78 38 78 :: janne.koho-at-kohoracing.fi