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    Racing season 2013 opened
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    Greetings from hospital
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    New equipment
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    [ 17.12.2008 ] Turkish World Championship series 2009 top
    World Offshore Class 3-225 Turkey Kocaeli 13 June 2009
    World Offshore Class 3-225 Turkey Kocaeli 14 June 2009
    World Offshore Class 3-225 Turkey Istanbul 11 July 2009
    World Offshore Class 3-225 Turkey Istanbul 12 July 2009
    World Offshore Class 3-225 Turkey Istanbul 05 September 2009
    World Offshore Class 3-225 Turkey Istanbul 06 September 2009

    [ 1.12.2008 ] Finlands provisional race schedule 2009 top
    Finlands provisional race schedule 2009:

    6.6. Kalkkirannan Kievarin Offshore Race, Sipoo, Kalkkiranta
    11.7. Saimaa Race, Imatra
    18.7. XXXIX Ruotsinsalmen ajot, Kotka
    15.-16.8. Förby Race, Salo, Förby. European Championships Off 3/C.

    [ 14.11.2008 ] Koho Racing TV preview top
    Click link below and watch preview of season 2008 trailer.
    Watch trailer.

    [ 22.10.2008 ] Gallery updated, World Champ finals, Moda Istanbul top
    Gallery updated, World Champ finals, Moda Istanbul.
    Jukka Haapiainen took great pics, thank you.

    [ 15.10.2008 ] Turkish season 2009 news from IOC top
    It is a big race to get into the 2009 calendar by the local cities around Turkey, as more international venues are in the talks…

    • Adana setting together a special entity with the help of the Adana Governor Ilhan Aktas to raise the necessary requirements to stay in the I.O.C. calendar.

    • Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry already announced their readiness to sign the contract for 2009.

    • Kemer is also expected to stay in the calendar with the confirmation to be announced in the next coming weeks.

    • Van, if they can solve the 2008 problems can sign in for 2009.

    • Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality already announced that they are ready to continue with Tupras for 2009.

    • Moda Yacht Club announced that with the experience gained in 2008, they will be better in 2009.

    Aside from all the races within the Turkish boundaries, I.O.C. is continuing its talks with France, Italy, Greece, Tunusia, Azerbaijan and Fujairah. As the number of races to be organised outside of Turkey will decrease the number of races to be organized within Turkey, all local cities are pushing to sign in for 2009.

    [ 7.10.2008 ] For sale page updated... top
    For sale page updated... also Twister can be sold ,o) ask for price & part list

    [ 30.9.2008 ] 4th in World Championship top
    4th in World Championship was obviously not what we were looking for. But motorsports is technical, and when things go wrong collecting points is impossible.

    I feel sad for the team as the last 4 races everything was made clode to perfection and still the skeg broke and destroyed the propeller... I was on 2nd position when it happened. That did effect the World Champ finals next weekend as we had no time to get new gearcase or propeller. Luckily we had one rebuild gearcase that we could use but only had 4 blade props, which are not as fast as 3 blade.

    The last race on sunday was the best race of all season. Despite prop issues I am sure that it was best driving that I have done all year. Driving 95% of race course against rpm limiter is annoying, but only once did engine protection cut and I had to restart. I pushed absolutey everything out of engine and boat that I could and I feel good how it went. I absolutely could not push any harder. After the race I had to answer several times to questions like: why is your boat jumping so much... sliding in turns... well if you have the smallest boat and want to keep full throttle when driving against ferry waves it is obvious that 7 meters boat jumps higher and further as 9 meters boat...

    I really want to thank all people who made this years racing possible. With out you it would not have been as spectacular racing as it was.
    THANK YOU !!!

    Season 2009 is coming slowly... and speculations what and where are growing. As soon as I know for sure I will inform.

    [ 23.9.2008 ] Sundays race, well... top
    Rainy sunday with gusty winds and some waves... still not bad. The race itself begun great way, from 3rd position to second position and gap over 600 meters to 3rd boat... yes sounds great doesnt it ;o)) Till ,o(( fin (skeg) broke from gearcase at main straight naturally in top speed. That made life interesting, it was huge slide, again... and superfast hands with perfectly synchronized feet saved the boat from flipping sideways. Also pitcrew saw thru rain that something went wrong big time and called us with vhf. After they knew whatthe problem was they asked us to return to pits, Cmon there are no points given... so we continued to race remaining super slippery 18 laps.
    JCB SIF guys told us after race that they drove by our side and looked from gps that we made 65 mph speed without fin, not bad.
    Luckily we did finish the race as we got 5th position and are still fighting of World Championship medals, the color may not be gold unless some other teams suffer also technical problems and loose points that way. That obviously is not our wish.
    The next race will be held 27-28 september. And we have zero to nothing chances to get new 28 3 blade mercury lab finish propeller or new gearcase. Luckily we have one repaired as sparepart. It was about time to change that old and ugly propeller, we had used it allready about 3 hours ;o)... pity cause it was so fast and it had to get destroyed by faulty gearcase

    [ 22.9.2008 ] Video & press link to saturdays race top

    [ 20.9.2008 ] 3rd position in Seka Park World Championship race top
    Finally a race without technical problems!
    We got 3rd position in Seka Park World Championship race today, saturday and try to do the same or better tomorrow. More news and races in details after few days as I have more time

    [ 5.8.2008 ] Van race top
    Lake Van is located 100 km from Iran border... that is about 2000 km east of Istanbul. It took week to get boats there by train.

    The race itself was getting interesting as few ministers were to show up. The security was maximized... dogs looking for explosives and several busses with police officers carrying more and less heavy artillery.

    Van lake is not a tiny pond, the distance across is 160 km, 100 miles. And also the water is not normal lake water, it is mineral water, which is hard as hell... that means small pitch props to be able to get revs out of engine.

    2nd position in saturdays poleposition race. At last everything works as they should, well not quite.... intercom & vhf was silent as in grave and also some minor issues with power lift. We got lift to work by changing new motor, but no intercom.

    We started to race from 2nd position and held it despite Miele 4 furious attempts to pass us. Marmaris passed Miele 4 after some laps and we were next target. In bigger waves we were suffering but flat water we were faster. That was real cat and dog fight till.... a tight righthander and I lost grip and boat begun to slide and was close to real spinout. Fast hands and full throttle kept things together, but everything must have excitement so the front cut into water and made boat turn rapidly to left and jump up. All I sa was clear blue sky and next thing I saw was lots of red Marmaris boat with huge crashing sound and kevlar pieces flying around. Luckily cockpit did hold so no damage to crew. The first thought was to save the boat or what was left of it. As I did not know the amount of damage I decided to drive it on top of fuelling pontoon pier. As all the beaches, well no beach there only huge rocks... so that was no option to park the boat. Twister climbed nicely and all ministers & VIP people were sitting just above my parking place. They got a close view how to park race boat with style. That stunt was worth tv time in several different tv channels main news broadcast.

    For sundays race the mechanics had worked again really hard and the boat was drivable but looked like an ugly duckling. As they had worked really long night some mistakes were done before race. The engine cover was not tightened correctly and I had to pit to keep it with me, while at the pits other boats passed us with one lap. The problem that was serious was not the engine cover that was swinging..... but the water that kicked into engine and killed some electronics. I had no meters working and all alarm wistles and bells were screaming the rest of the race (how come that is possible? The only thing I dont need and it works and makes infernal noise). And for more excitement I had an automatic trim which randomly kicked more or less trim. Racing in waves up to one meter that is bit difficult at some point. Anyhow we managed to get 5th position and pass some boats with 3 laps, but as we were 1 lap behind due to our pit... in results it only shows us 2 laps faster.

    Maybe some day it is possible to have a race without any technical problems? At least I hope that big time.

    [ 11.7.2008 ] Navigator needed top
    Navigators job is open for remaining 6 World Championship races, 4 in Istnbul and 2 in Fujairah UAE.
    Requirements are: light weight, ability to communicate in english, not claustrofobic and scared of speed and waves. naturally immersion test sertificate & racing licence.

    All expences are paid by team, accommodation typically in 5 star hotels.

    Please contact me for more info with email or by phone.
    Contact info can be found at Team page.

    [ 25.6.2008 ] Kemer race weekend top
    Hot hotter, Kemer.
    It was really hot race weekend with temperatures close to 40c. Everybody expected a flat water race, but there were waves 60 cm high.
    Saturday was really hot, the temperature inside the boat was close to 80c and we had a slight issue with our new gearcase. Due to gearcase failure in Mersin we had had a new gearcase... which is supposed to be a good thing. That is assumed that we would have had correct new one. But what we did get was a old one that was made for 2 engine installation with small and straight fin (skeg). Naturally there was no grip when the speed got up. So our race was side slides even on straights, f*****g great. And one fuel tank was broken again and heat combined to fuel fumes makes funny feelings. And when things go bad they do... last lap the compressors belt broke and our race was finished, I was really disappointed that all the work I had made and fumes I had breathed were for nothing. When returned to pits my new navigator Veronica was lifted out of boat and helped to ambulance (funny how fumes and heat effect). I walked to pits and started to feel quite sick and walked to ambulance to see that everything is ok there.... next stop hospital. That was my first ever ride with ambulance.

    Sunday at poleposition race we did 1/3 of lap and I had to stop cause navigators breakfast was kicking out, so she went to lye on deck and threw up... fish got food. That made things complicated once again, though it was obvious that she still suffered fule fumes and heat and was not able to race. Luckily Carina has licence and she was rushed to hotel and back and we got things ready during the parade lap and rushed to get our starting position. The race was sliding cause of gearcase issues. We got 4th position and that was the best that we could do. Carina got her first trophy and was happy.

    Next race will be at lake Van close to Iran border. I only hope that I get all parts that I have asked for... and that they would work. ;o))

    [ 18.6.2008 ] New navigator top
    There will be a new navigator assisting my driving. Hopefully no more changes any more for this season. Again, Sweden was the country that solved the problem.
    Veronica Olderin has been racing earlier in offshore and also has her own K-class boat. Now she will race with me rest of the season.
    Kemer race is waiting and weather should be magnificent.

    [ 8.6.2008 ] Mersin races top
    Sunny Mersin with high waves was waiting for us.

    Saturday, wave height between 1,5 to 3 meters... that is called offshore ;0)) We did not take anu unnecessary risks in poleposition race and were second last, but in the race start we were 4th boat in first turn. During the race waves and wind pick up up more and both other Twister boats decided to retire the race due to race conditions. We were flying really high and sometimes bit too much vertical... no worries.

    Due to those spectacular flights shown live on Show TV my navigator Gunes Ipekkan was grounded. Not everybody was thinking thats cool... so new navigator for sundays race. Help was close when it was badly needed. Carina, who normally takes fabulous pictures accepted to sit the race in boat and she did great. The race itself was not success for us. 2nd lap and the fuel pump broke, back to pits and Mercury mechanic fixed problem. Back to race and some really fast flying laps passing other boats with huge speed difference... a loooong jump and when we landed the fin ofthe gearcase broke and destroyed also propeller. It was the longes sideslide that I have ever done with offshore boat. Full throttle with 28" 3 blades propeller against rpm limiter, that should tell something about the speed.

    Well we survived and tried one more lap to catch but driving without fin is not fast enough so we were forced to retire.

    Now all the focus is directed to get new parts and to the next race that is held in Kemer

    [ 27.5.2008 ] Adana, sunny place with no waves top
    Adana.... hmmm how could I put it?
    My personal favourite, maybe not... the place is great !!! but everything just goes wrong in racing, that applies only to my racing.

    Saturday 2nd in poleposition, then 4th last lap on 2nd position wireharness had shortcut and killed the engine. I was disappointed, but that is racing. Mercury service solved all electroinic problems and I begun to smile again as I knew that sunday the boat will be fast again.

    Sunday came and we had great poleposition, 2 second lead to Stihl, till they once again did it 1 sec faster at the last part of pole session. We setteled to 2nd and hoped for a good and clean race.

    Wishes rarely come true is a fact and so it was... again technical issues killed our race. Engines compressor blew and was swinging inside enginecover destroying also some electric parts... This time the destruction was more serious than saturday, the engine is now in Istanbul at Mercury to be rebuilt for next race in Mersin.

    Luckily we were fast enough, despite early retirement we did get points from both races and were in top 6.

    I really want to thank EVERYONE who made our race weekend happen and solve the problems that we had.
    See you in Mersin, where it will be big waves and hard racing.

    [ 16.5.2008 ] Report from Ciragan Palace GP, Bosbors Istanbul top
    First 2 legs of U.I.M. World Offshore Championship – 225 were held in Bosbors, Istanbul in front of Ciragan Palace hotel. The water was choppy because ferries and container ships were passing both directions...

    During Saturdays pole position race we noticed some fuel fumes, but did not have enough time before race to locate the leak. After the race we poured about 15 liters fuel out of left sponsoon. The fumes inside cockpit were terrible. It was difficult to see as my eyes were pouring and fumes also effected to brain activity... it was almost zero. And that is even less that normally ;0)

    Before sundays race we thought that the leak was located. Some hose clamps were bit loose and we tightened those. Hell no did it solve the problem... so more fumes and completely stoned crew. After the race the fault was found: the laminates that connect fuel tanks top and walls were broken. So the top worked more as a lid that can be opened by lifting it or pressing from inside... and that is what fuel in waves does. Fuel hit the walls and then only direction was up agaist the top. And as the top was broken loose out comes the fuel.

    Luckily there were no sparks, we would have had an exploding finale.

    Now both tanks have been repaired and relaminated stronger.
    Next race will be in Adana, which is super flat and fast...

    [ 15.5.2008 ] Bosphors images added to gallery top
    Bosphors images added to gallery, not too many so far. Hoping to ge more pics from team & friends who had cameras.

    [ 4.5.2008 ] Results from Turkey, updated top
    Results race total points: http://www.ioc-tr.net/en/results_w_genel.asp

    Report from the races will follow as soon as I have time...

    [ 15.2.2008 ] Gallery 2008 opened top
    Here it begun, more excitement for Turkey ;o))

    [ 3.2.2008 ] Race calendar 2008 published top
    Race calendar 2008 published. Dates and places are based on information supplied bu UIM and IOC.

    Great places, rough races and good friends will be is sight ;o)

    [ 15.1.2008 ] Offshore racing in Finlands tv network top
    Koho Racing will have a season 2007 review broadcasted in Finlands tv network. The channel that will broadcast the races is Diggari. It will be 5 races from Turkish Offshore International Ordinary 3-225 series and one race from Parainen Finland.

    If your company wants to be part of this high octane sports show contact us at Koho Racing and we can assist you to have yours adds or commercials into that season review!! Nothing comes for free but we dare to say that we have best prices available due to our cooperation agreements!

    Koho Racing :: Tel. +358-2-88 00 696 :: Fax +358-2-88 00 699 :: Gsm +358-400-78 38 78 :: janne.koho-at-kohoracing.fi