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    Racing season 2013 opened
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    Greetings from hospital
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    New equipment
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    [ 12.12.2007 ] Turkey Offshore Championship goes overseas top
    ISTANBUL - Turkish Daily News / Saturday, December 8, 2007

    In its sixth edition, Turkey Offshore Championship goes international to become the UIM World Championship in 2008. One leg of the championship will be run outside Turkey.
    “We have made the international federation accept our rules,” said Ugur Isik, chairman of the Istanbul Offshore Club, emphasizing that the event featuring a race between 225 horsepower machines will be completely “made in Turkey.”

    Isik stated that Turkey has been a member of the international federation for a long time and they are aware of the rules.

    “The majority of the rules are for the modified engines, which require very expensive methods,” stated Isik. “We have assumed that the costs will be reduced if standard engines are used.”

    The chairman said that they have started a sport that was non-existent in Turkey and the outcome was thanks to teamwork and individuals who were committed to making it happen.

    This is only the start, according to Isik, as only the last leg of the next years championship will be in foreign waters. He said in the future only a few will remain in Turkey. The first location outside Turkey is United Arab Emirates now and negotiations are continuing with a few countries. But Thessaloniki is in the lead, Isik said, as it is the birthplace of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

    “Greece will be involved if Thessaloniki hosts the race. We are already in talks with France and Tunisia and working to take it to Italy,” Isik declared. “If all goes as planned, only a couple of legs will be held in Turkey in a few years time.” Next years championship will also hold races of remotely controlled boats and Jet-Skis, in order to make the events more appealing.

    Isik also said the boats are environmentally friendly and equipped with hi-tech capabilities. Security concerns are a priority, with the sailors wearing oxygen masks used in F-16 planes.

    The UIM World Championship season will start with the two races on the Bosporus, in front of the Çiragan Palace Kempinski Hotel on May 3-4. A race in Kayseri on May 17-18 will follow the route of Adana (May 24-25), Mersin (June 7-8), Kemer (June 21-22), Van (July 19-20) and Istanbul (Sept. 27-38). The season finale will be in Fujairah in United Arab Emirates on Nov. 28-29.

    [ 20.11.2007 ] Turkish season 2008 head news top
    World Offshore Championship – 225
    The very latest improvements about the Turkish Offshore Championship was shared with the teams at a meeting. The new title of the championship is the crown!!! “U.I.M. World Offshore Championship – 225”.

    The World Championship will have six stages, 3-4 May, 20-21 September and 27-28 September Best five results of the six races will be counted for championship standing

    [ 23.10.2007 ] 2nd position in Turkish series top
    # Boat Nr. Boat Name 1.race 2.race 3.race 4.race 5.race 6.race 7.race Total
    1 88 STIHL 215 220 209 215 220 220 220 1519
    2 38 LOTUS JEANS 132 55 94 153 165 135 165 899
    3 4 MIELE 170 162 132 140 32 102 132 870
    4 99 MRC 99 129 30 72 124 159 97 710
    5 44 SIF JCB 0 97 85 99 71 57 79 488
    6 2 YKM 75 54 57 57 97 43 31 414
    7 77 GLADYATOR 0 75 170 12 39 75 0 371
    8 33 FRANKE 50 0 43 0 55 34 54 236
    9 45 SIF APA R.T. 0 32 25 44 0 1 45 147
    10 5 MIELE 44 0 0 0 43 22 23 132
    11 11 PROCAT 7 23 0 5 2 0 0 37
    12 34 FRANKE 0 0 0 0 0 10 2 12

    [ 3.10.2007 ] Caddebostan images added to gallery top
    Caddebostan images added to gallery, now I will have some time to take it easy.
    Season 2008 will be full of surprices, what will happen and where... we shall see ;o))

    [ 30.9.2007 ] Istanbul, Caddebostan final top
    Last race in Turkey was excitement from saturdays poleposition race to last lap of sundays final. We were leading poleposition race some time till Stihl made best time during the last 30 minutes. So Stihl first, Lotus Jeans second and Miele third.

    That gave extra excitement for sundays race, whichever boat: Lotus Jeans or Miele would finish better would be 2.nd in series total points. Our strategy was to keep Miele behind us and not to race with other boats. That was relatively easy as we managed to get 2.nd position after 1.st turn and we held that position till finish line.

    It was great season and sure we did some mistakes, which should be taken as lessons learned for the future.

    A huge thank you for everyone in team and race organizers.

    [ 21.9.2007 ] 2nd in Turkish series top
    # Boat Nr. Boat Name 1.race 2.race 3.race 4.race 5.race 6.race 7.race Total
    1 88 STIHL 215 220 209 215 220 220 0 1299
    2 38 LOTUS JEANS 132 55 105 153 165 135 0 745
    3 4 MIELE 170 162 132 140 32 102 0 738
    4 99 MRC 99 129 35 72 124 159 0 618
    5 44 SIF JCB 0 97 73 99 71 57 0 397
    6 2 YKM 75 54 50 57 97 43 0 376
    7 77 GLADYATOR 0 75 170 12 39 75 0 371
    8 33 FRANKE 50 0 0 0 55 34 0 139
    9 45 MIELE 44 0 0 0 43 22 0 109
    10 5 SIF APA R.T. 0 32 24 44 0 1 0 101
    11 11 PROCAT 7 23 47 5 2 0 0 84
    12 34 FRANKE 0 0 0 0 0 10 0 10

    [ 15.9.2007 ] Back to Turkey top
    Istanbul, Caddebostan is the destination this time. Beautiful asian side of Istanbul with mild winds and some waves.

    I really must admit that I like it here better than freezing rainy Finland.... wonder why ;o))

    But back to business, we had poleposition race today and finished 2.nd after Stihl. We did have some issues again with equipment; trim buttons didnt work, new spark plug didnt also work and boat had terrible balance till we did some reshaping with big hand.

    We wish that tomorrow will be favourable for us and that we do not have more techical issues

    [ 4.9.2007 ] Stockholm Offshore Grand Prix images added to gallery top
    Stockholm Offshore Grand Prix, was a rough race for some racers... Sjölander landed on rocks pretty high up from water. For us the race was pretty easy, not enough horsepowers from engine made us stick with 5th position. Our VIP guests did enjoy the race and sunny weather watching the race from 54 foot Princess... Big thank you to Heikki!!!

    [ 26.8.2007 ] First position in Hotel Kalkstrand Offshore Circuit Race top
    Finally we got first victory in Finlands championship series. We won both heats and got maximum points. That feels so good, not all hours spent in garage have gone for nothing. Weather conditions varied quite much, from rain to clear sunny sky.

    In Saturdays Airisto Strand Offshore Race we finished in 3rd position. There was some waves and sunny weather :o)

    [ 24.7.2007 ] New boat is now painted top
    Finally things go as planned, today Twistar was taken back to garage with fine new paint on her. Next phase is to install powerlift & electronics. Pics of new look will be added to gallery "later" ;o))

    [ 18.7.2007 ] New Twister arrived top
    New Twister has finally arrived 02.00 am. . . Only some painting, reshaping, installingand some setups are needed before beeing able to launch the boat... time will tell how fast the new boat will be.

    [ 8.7.2007 ] Bodrum images added to gallery top
    Bodrum images added to gallery, things just take some time to do... Sorry for delay

    [ 3.7.2007 ] Bodrum raport top
    In Bodrum it was really a rough offshore race with heavy winds (up to 18 m/s in gusts) and waves were naturally big enough. In pole position race we got 2.nd position and Stihl was fastest, Miele 3.rd.

    The first sight over sea at race day made everyone look and feel happy. But the happines did not last long. As the start got closer also the wind was picking up...

    This time the start wend good for us, but it was full of surprices... usually masterboat checks that the boats are in nice line 90 degrees from master boat, but this time the line was more or less that most boats were still in line behind the masterboat when green flag was given.

    We were 2.nd boat in 1.st turn and had great battle with Stihl for 3 laps. Till those fu*#&ng electronics that were supposed to be changed after Adana flip made some drama for us. No more fuel for engine... I did give some punishment for fuel pump switch and luckily we got power for the pump back on. After we had had more noise in cockpit that what Mercury makes also we begun to hear some humming from the back. Its alive, glory to brute force which made things working ;o))

    At the race we had some moments that reminded us that excess drinking of red bull is hazardous. Too much air under boat is unhealthy. Miele did feel that dramatically; barrel roll flip almost completed. It was a gust and up they went, landing 0 points...

    Also pit stop made some problems for us, first attempt we over shoot due to excess speed and second attempt that we tried to dock the wind had too good grip of the boat and pit crew had no chance to fight the wind. So there we were sideways thinking what should we do now and we did not know if we were still tied somehow to pits... In cockpit it is very limited sight.

    It was a new record of participating boats, that is allways really nice. JCB-SIF got finally their 2.nd boat to races. Something about the roughness of the race tells that 3 boats did not finish it and were towed to pits: Miele (Nice flight) and JCB-SIF 44, Franke 33 (9m ja 8,5 m in lenght).

    It felt good to be back on podium especially after this kind of race, everyone knew that we are fast on flat water, but this was rough waves and we were still fast ;o))

    Images will be added to gallery as soon as I have more time

    [ 20.6.2007 ] Mersin and Kemer raports & pictures top
    Busy, busy and really busy... that is what happens after 2 weeks racing in Turkey. Work here in Finland has a funny way to increase cumulatively.

    Mersin and Kemer pictures have been added to gallery. Check them out!

    Mersin race: Patrik Söderholms first race for Lotus Jeans Racing Team, fun??? nope. We did not have working intercom or vhf, which made driving difficult cause we could not talk us thru the race course and there was a minor issue with some moderate waves. More excitement to the race came on lap 26 (yes it was a 25 lap race, but due to tv & etc. issues they lenghtened it to 28 laps) when our fuel system broke down and most of the fuel was around the boat. we used bilge pumps which did not last too long fuel... so they melted. Luckily there were no sparks and the boat did not burn.

    After some negotiations jury decided that it was 25 lap race and we got our points for 4th position. Those were needed points for the series.

    Kemer race: we continued to drive as we did in Mersin, Patrik driver and me throttles. result second last in pole position. It simply cant be that difficult to turn steering wheel? That heated me up and mechanic got a nightshift and changed all controls for driver and throttleman has only the throttle...So to the race we started: Patrik throttle and Janne driving & all other controls. Starting from 2nd last position was painful, we had to fight 1 lap to overtake other boats to get to 3rd position. In that time Miele and Stihl had got half lap advantage. I pushed the boat hard in turns and made it fly straights... we passed Miele when they had their pit stop, but could not catch Stihl. The result was 2nd position!

    I must admit that I was exhausted after race, but climbing to podium gives strenght ;o)

    It was great feeling after all difficulties that we have had to be back on podium and get that 2nd position. Shampagne was well used again.... wash those ugly stinking race overalls ;o))

    Big thanks to whole team that worked really hard again and made everything possible!!

    [ 6.6.2007 ] To Turkey, with major surprice top
    Again luggages are packed and plane is waiting to take us to Turkey. First to Mersin and then to Antalya. Mr Magic Wizard has worked his ass off to make new improvements for our teams performance.... and what a surprice it will be for others ;o))

    More speed and more manouverability are key words... you will see if you will be there!

    We welcome you to come and enjoy the excitement on spot! Let us know that you are there!!!

    [ 29.5.2007 ] Adana race top
    Race morning was sunny and my feeling was terrible. The night that I had to spend in wc showed no mercy... Famous Adana kebab really did the job ;o) The drivers breafing was a nightmare, I was allmost throwing up and swetting like crazy. After briefing I was taken to ambulance for some medical treatment, liquids directly to vains... that made me feel bit better. And then I was ready to race.

    Mechanics made huge work finishing the race boat in time, BIG THANK YOU!!!

    When we left from pits to boat parade and start I noticed that we can not get over 3500 rpm out of engine, that was bad news. We drove to start and limbed back to pit. Mercury mechanic dived in to boat and worked with the electricity and made some magic... only new problem was that when we tried to re-enter the race we could not get the gear on. Violence replaces technic when hurry, so the biggest and strongest mechaning came and used brutal force to make gear on... and off we go. The lead boats had driven aboat 5-6 laps in the time that we spent at pits. Strategy was simple straights with high risk, high fly top speed and corners sloooooowly to keep boat not flipping again. We had no electricity for any meters, and no powerlift. So we drove by the feeling, and that was a nice feeling especially at the long back straight where we could get nice top speed. Boat was really flying.

    We did finish at 6th position. Considering all difficulties that we had I find that good, with bit better race lines at turns that would have been even better. Everything must end and have grand finale, sadly that is the truth. The race was over and when we were docking at pits the left top of our boats sponsoon had too much drive left and did not want to stop.... so it went (and dragged the rest of the boat with ;o)) ) straight through other teams engine cover, whopppsiii. Some times things just happen but this weekend happened too much. I wish that all crap came at the same time and the rest of the season will be serious racing with better results.

    Big thank you for everyone that made our race at sunday possible. You did huge job with the boat at night. THANK YOU!!!

    [ 26.5.2007 ] 2nd position and swimming in Poleposition race top
    We got 2nd position in Pole position race. And after a hot day in race boat it is allways nice to go swimming... this time we flipped the boat in turn and were forced to swim. Team ordered new parts from Istanbul and they will be here at 10.am, which will be in time to get everything fixed for the race.

    [ 23.5.2007 ] Gallery updated and flying back to Turkey top
    Finally I found some time to update Istanbul pics to gallery, enjoy.
    Today I will fly to Turkey for next race that will be in Adana. New parts will give more speed ;o))

    [ 16.5.2007 ] The race and how it was top
    Offshore International Ordinary Class 3 - 225 Istanbul -Haliç was way different race than what we have been used to race in Scandinavia. It was a nice and warm weather and calm water, but the differences: there were many reporters and camera men from different magazines & news papers and naturally national TV crew to make live broadcast from the races. (As a small detail, at the same time Istanbur WRC rally was driven and was also shown at tv... only that it was not live broadcast). New thing was also mandatory pit stop with refuelling, that is the way to do it in F1 cars, and crowd really loves it! It looks spectacular when boat blasts to pits and man with all safety gear and helmet jumps onboard and pumps in some fuel and off we go as soon as "lollipop" was rised!

    The race was held in very heart of Istanbul. VIP stand was placed on bridge so that boats turned allmost under toes... and Aya Sofia was nicely seen at the other end of race course. Entering VIP/pit area was controlled by "men in black" police officers in black suits... and they were not original traffic officers...

    Kiera Chaplin, the granddaughter of the film director and actor Charlie Chaplin, is promoting the Turkey Offshore Championship. She will visit Turkey several times to promote the tournament.

    The race went as well as it could for our team with the resources that we had in use. There were some technical issues and also some driving issues. Driver Ali Tanir was driving his first ever race where the boat really was flying fast, and tight turns right after those super fast straights.

    The start went well, we managed to get one position from 3.rd to 2.nd to the first corner. After that we managed to keep it 5 laps till Stihl got better line out of turn with more speed than we had. Their line came more right all the time and we were right by their side full throttle, till our left sponson was right after their tail and flushed by Stihls roostertail. That made life bit difficult... I really did scream my head off for driver to move out of rooster tail cause boat was allready getting too much lift and was close to go "ballistic"! But we managed to stay on earth and race went on...with out counting few allmost spins at turns and one "lets fly bit higher" situations the race was relaxed cruising. We finished 3.rd position.

    Price ceremony was fabulous and champagne was sprayed with passion. Sorry Kiera that I washed you ;o))

    We will be back next time for race in Adana... with more speed!

    [ 13.5.2007 ] Results Istanbul -Haliç top
    Results Offshore International Ordinary Class 3 - 225 Istanbul -Haliç

    1. Stihl 88, 30 laps
    2. Miele 4, 30 laps
    3. Lotus Jeans 38, 30 laps
    4. MRC Racing 99, 28 laps
    5. YKM 2, 27 laps
    6. Procat Marine 11, 26 laps
    7. Miele 5, 25 laps
    8. Duravit 33, 18 laps
    9. SIF JCB 45, DNS
    10. SIF JCB 48, DNS

    [ 13.5.2007 ] Istanbul pole position race top
    Istanbul pole position race has been really hard and challengin for us, especially due to technical issues that we had. Now we hope that all problems are solved and we can have a clean race with out technical failures.

    Dispite of all problems that we had we managed to get 3.rd position for todays race. More info after the race has been finished and we know whether the engine worked or not.

    1. 4 Miele time: 1,38,984
    2. 88 Stihl time: 1,39,234
    3. 38 Lotus Jeans time: 1,40,992
    4. 99 MRC Racing time: 1,45,516
    5. 33 Duravit time: 1,54,797
    6. 2 YKM Sport time: 2,00,063
    7. 5 Miele time: 2,02,375

    Weather has been nice, +25c and clear sky. I like it here ;o)

    [ 21.4.2007 ] Koho Racing goes to Turkey top
    Team Lotus Jeans contacted me and asked possibility to race with them in Turkish 3-225 class. Team owner Sancar Baykan bought Koho Racing old boat and wanted to have me to race with it.

    Team Lotus Jeans:
    Owner / driver / throtleman: Sancar Baykan
    Throttleman / team manager: Janne Koho
    Driver: Ali Tanir
    Boat: Twister 23
    Engine: Mercury Optimax 225
    Racing number: 11

    First race will be held 13.5. in Istanbul. We will set up the boat starting at 8.th May.

    More info about this as the races get closer.

    [ 13.4.2007 ] Immersion test done top
    We had immersion (turtle) test in Finland 11th of April. Test was fun as allways, beats finnish amusement parks ;o) There were 10 persons that participated and also passed the test without any difficulties. Test was well organized and the intro diving before test gave confidence for people that were taking the test first time.

    [ 22.3.2007 ] Racing calendar updated top
    New place for World champs in Italy is Firenze.

    Turkish race calendar added, and what that means????

    [ 7.2.2007 ] Racing season is coming top
    Racing season is coming and that means hard work. New ideas for new boat have been carefully planned and next summer will show how much extra speed those will give to us.

    This year we will not participate with our equipment to Helsinki Boat Show (boat was sold to Turkish Lotus Jeans Team). The only thing that we have visible there is CMC power lift at USA-Marine Shop Oy stand: 5d19.

    Koho Racing :: Tel. +358-2-88 00 696 :: Fax +358-2-88 00 699 :: Gsm +358-400-78 38 78 :: janne.koho-at-kohoracing.fi